I don't claim to be a very good photographer, but since this is a hobby for me I tend to think about these pictures as a way of self expression that did not succeed all the time. I have tons of photographs lying on my hard disk, this is just an assorted collection of my best shots to give you some idea on my photographing skills. I'm always open for constructive criticism, so please let me know if you have any comments. Clicking on the image will get you to my new photo portfolio site. The old page can be found here for reference.
It's a pretty old pastime for me, I've been programming since I was about 10 years old. I've started on a 386SX under Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and the language was Visual Basic 3.0. So that's why VB is still my primary tool for creating programs, even though I feel comfortable with PHP and Pascal, and also a little Delphi skill is under my sleeve. One of my biggest projects right now is a 3D game I'm developing with the help of a friend of mine, we've been making this for quite a long time now, but we're close to finish it anytime soon. You can read more about it under this section.
This is where I lack talent the most. I have no problems programming a website from scratch, I can create pretty much anything with a little research if needed, but creating a good design for a site (which I consider a form of art, by the way) always gives me a headache. Anyway, this section lists a few websites I've developed or contributed to (I mostly do the programming and the sitebuilding).
This is kind of a "mixed" section where I show some of my other works, those of which fall into neither of the above categories. Here is - for example - a video presentation of a 3D imaginary church model, created by a friend of mine, and made into a presentation by me.
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