Adlerschluss 3D - FPS Game set in the Second World War

Adlerschluss 3D is going to be yet another FPS, which deals with WWII. Yes, although this genre is turning nowadays into a cliché, we really try to put a twist into it. Instead of building up tactics to tackle a whole army with a rifle and get on single missions for a funky drilling officer without continuity, this project is based on a fantasy story with almost 80% realism implemented – no miracles here, or searching for lost treasures! Sometimes, it is going to be sarcastic and at other times heartbreaking.

Continuous plot line changes will ensure you to never expect the same thing when you are playing, and this may provide a kind of a RPG motive to the most familiar themes. In this project, you don't have to restart a level when you, or your equipment begin to resemble to Swiss cheese! Here the story goes on, even if you are bleed to death!

On the ‘graphics' basis, we tried to find the most suitable models and 3D environment for faster loadings, but for quality as well. Because we don't want to turn out entirely school-skipping kids, you will notice that the engine is based on some Half-Life and MoHAA related materials, but we ensure that there will be no geometry errors et all. In fact, we would like to bring back some nice effects those games missed – for example much better physics overall and physical damaging on objects and on surfaces. Realism also covers the historical accuracy of the models we used and the markings we presented. Hey, if we are making a war game, let us make it as historical as possible! For every virtual inch, we try to provide some sort of evidence…

There is always one thing we want to overcome during development. We don't want to let the game fall flat towards the end. For this reason, we sometimes have to make a pause, and since there is nothing that urges us, we have the liberty to be creative. If somebody has no more ideas, others can take over anytime. Here there are no diversions between programmers, musicians and artists.

All in all, this game is created to test our abilities - as just a hobby. Are we able at all to program something so complicated in a reasonable amount of time?! During the past two years many people helped us with this. We learned about many new technologies, and we applied many experiences.

We truly hope that you are going to have as much enjoyment during gameplay, as we had during creating this project.

Used: Truevision3D engine, Visual Basic 6.0, various game editing tools
Year: 2002-2005 (in progress)

In the meanwhile, you can download the whole storyscript of the game
Click here to view screenshots...
(Note: The screenshots aren't of a high quality, they were extracted from a techdemo video. Sorry about that.)

NEW! Techdemo video (41,5 MB)- with an updated engine code, now the engine is called Spectator

Tourmoil - An experimental car driving simulation
This is just for testing the new version of the engine we are using, testing new effects and features like the built in physics engine, shaders, bumpmapping, normalmapping, etc. Maybe it'll become a game one day, we haven't decided yet.

Used: Truevision3D engine, Visual Basic 6.0
Year: 2005

Click here to view screenshots...
ImageIT! - Image resampler, preprocessor for animation
This program was created for our purposes, in order to be able to easily resample images and position parts of images into a frame and later save it. It's usage was for an egyptian style animation. May have other uses too, that's why it's here.

Used: Visual Basic 6.0
Year: 2004

Download: Binary (73KB)

ISZL - Computer shutdowner and/or dialup internet disconnector
I've written this as a request of a forum member. He needed a program for shutting down his PC at a given time or disconnect his dialup connection. I know there're probaly tools out there that do the same thing, but this one does exactly that and it didn't take too much time to program. Now, in the age of broadband and 0-24h connections this is probably obsolete, though. No matter.

Used: Visual Basic 6.0
Year: 2002

Download: Source code with binary (30KB)

Pac-Man-Maze-Whatever like game
This is just a small game I made way back then. It's not very fancy, though. Still, it may give you a few minutes of fun. Be sure to read the Help to learn about rules and playing of this game. The sounds are "borrowed" from an old FPS game Rise of the Triad (ROTT). The graphics were found over the internet.

Used: Visual Basic 6.0
Year: 2000

Download: Source code with binary (playable) (217KB)

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