ERPMarket.net - a hungarian portal for ERP systems
This is a complate make-over of one my first websites, ERPMarket. I've redesigned it, but also restructured to make it more accessible and also introduced new features. The design has a clean look, but that's one if it's strenghts I think.

URL: http://www.erpmarket.net/
Used: PHP, MySQL
Year: 2006
Client: ERPMarket

bnwia.hu - a website of a forged and wrought ironware wholesaler
This site is mainly for representing an online catalouge to retailers, who can browser the catalouge and place an online order. The admin backend provides sophisticated client administration, and a separate manufacturer area, where manufacturers can update their ware avaibility numbers.

URL: http://www.bnwia.hu/
Used: PHP, MySQL
Year: 2005
Client: BN-WIA Nagykereskedelem

historiaantik.hu - online second hand bookstore
A complete online second hand bookstore with administration back-end. Fully database driven, handles orders and order status, visitors can preorder existing books or books they're looking for but could not find on the website. The graphics is the work of a friend of mine.

URL: http://www.historiaantik.hu/
Used: PHP, MySQL
Year: 2005
Client: Historiaantik Antikvárium

Alarm Magazin website (mostly site build and programming)
Alarm Magazin is fresh new mag on the market for young people interested in quality pasttimes and culture. The current website represents some of the articles that appear in the offline version of the magazin (a new issue is out every two weeks). I've created the online content management system based on an open source CMS called Mambo Server. Although it's a very versatile CMS, some extensions and modifications had to be created for the website to be fully functional. A complete redesing and a new concept is due soon, so this site is more or less temporary.

URL: http://www.alarm-magazin.hu/
Used: PHP, MySQL, Mambo CMS
Year: 2004
Client: AlarmMedia

Alarm Magazin back-office article manager
The editorial office of Alarm Magazin needed a more versatile way of keeping track of status of the current edition than a simple Excel file that was used before. This web-based software does everything from submitting new articles to managing advertisement. There's also an archive feature where you can list back issues and print the structure of the issue or - alternatively - export them to either an Excel or a Word file.

URL: n/a (intranet)
Used: PHP, MySQL
Year: 2004
Client: AlarmMedia

Homepage of the Hungarian horse-racing.
The website for the Hungarian horse-racing is a place to get information for betters, they can here read the latest news, dowload the race results or the plan of the next race day. The graphics is partly created by an other person, but the whole site structure and programming is by myself. In the near future there will be a betting game feature too, where visitors can bet on races without risk.

URL: http://www.kincsempark.com/
Used: Microsoft ASP, MS SQL Server
Year: 2003-2004
Client: Nemzeti Lóverseny Kft.

idata - a complete web-based system for photo agencies - FOR SALE
I've created this website for a foreig photo agency, but unfortunately the contact was lost (they did not anwser my further queries), so it was never published. But it's almost finished, it can handle submitting new images via an admin backend, can use the IPTC info inside of JPEG files for faster maintenance, and users can order pictures. After the order is confirmed, they can download the high resolution version of the photo. This software of mine is FOR SALE by the way, if anyone is interested, I'm sure we can agree on a reasonable price and I'm also willing to make modifications if needed.

URL: n/a (never published, but let me know if you're interested)
Used: PHP, MySQL, third party PHP extensions
Year: 2004
Client: irrelevant

A website (based on concept of my father and his colleague) for ERP systems. It lists the better known ERP providers like SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle Applications, offers brief information on each. This site is "dead" for some time now but it will probably be resurrected soon with new features.

URL: http://www.erpmarket.net/
Used: Microsoft ASP, MS SQL Server, static graphics, no stylesheets
Year: 2000-2002
Client: Logo-Logic Kft.

winnet.hu - an unfinished website concept of an internet art gallery - DISCARDED
My grandfather is an illustrator and he drew thousands of sketches. This website represents some of his work on well-known people. The website itself is not really great I admit, and I'm thinking about a complete redo to have those drawings on a more worthy place, but right now I have other priorites.

URL: http://www.winnet.hu/
Used: Microsoft ASP, MS SQL Server, static graphics, no stylesheets
Year: 2001
Client: n/a

South Park World - (one of) my first website
One of my first (more or less) serious website. Not much to explain, really, except that although I'm not interested in the South Park "universe" anymore, I still get a few e-mails every month asking on the whereabouts of downloadable SP episodes. I always kindly tell them that I don't even have the password to this free webspace provider to change anything, and that he or she should look for other peer to peer programs to find the episodes of their beloved characters. Well, that's pretty much it.

URL: http://www.tar.hu/southparkworld/
Used: plain HTML, a java applet for showing information, nothing fancy
Year: 2000
Client: myself :)


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